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Masala Dosa
Masala Dosa Restaurant is a unique Indian eatery named after a popular south Indian breakfast dish. The dish consists of a crispy rice and lentil pancake (dosa) served traditionally with a potato curry, coconut sauce (chutney) and a spicy vegetable and lentil broth called sambar.

The Menu   

4 in a portion
Traditional south Indian lentil savoury
doughnuts filled with...
Traditional masala dosa
Dosa is a rice and lentil crêpe that originates from the southern...

Our Products   
Garam masala
Roasted and ground north Indian spice blend. Even though 'garam' means hot, this spice mix contains no chillies and therefore refers...

Sambar masala
Roasted and ground South Indian spice blend. This spice mix is primarily used to create a south Indian lentil soups but it is very versatile...
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The Chef
Owner and chef of Masala Dosa restaurant in Cape Town, Amit Raz, runs a successful establishment of Indian cuisine, could pass for a Bollywood audition and happens to have an Indian name.


Buffet style
You will be provided with hot trays and porcelain dishes filled with curries Minimum 8 people.
Cocktail dinner
200 per person includes staff and platters.
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