Enjoy our aromatic cuisine in your own home or venue of choice

Option 1

Buffet style – You will be provided with hot trays and porcelain dishes filled with curries Minimum 20 people All curries will be served with chutnies, rice and rotis. Please email for a quotation

Option 2

Cocktail dinner
200 per person includes staff and platters Cocktail style – some sittings will be provided but the central restaurant area will be clear of tables Food will be served on platters – 40 people minimum Aloo Bombs and aloo tikki served with a sweet tomato chutney Beef and chicken kebab flavoured with roasted and ground spices and served with a special raita Lamb and vegetarian roti wraps filled with salsa and fresh herbs Pumpkin, chicken, cashew and coriander soup flavoured with coconut milk served in shot glasses Paneer rolled in spicy aubergine with tomato and mint relish on a base of raita. Served with pappadum Fruit kebabs and kulfi ice cream lollies

   The Menu
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