Dosa is a rice and lentil crêpe that originates from the southern part of india. It is naturally wheat-free, fat-free and rich in protein. It is traditionally served with a potato curry and accompanied with coconut chutney and sambar.  (spicy lentil, veg and tamarind broth).

traditional masala dosapotatoes sautéed in onions with curry leaves and mustard seeds R69

channa (chickpea)
or mixed bean dosachickpeas or mixed beans cooked in special gravy R78

aromatic chicken dosa chicken fillets and butternut cooked with coconut cream R86

curried lamb dosa deboned lamb cooked in a tomato gravy with chickpeas R95

add heat with chilli, herbaceousness with coriander, cooling with raita sour with tamarind, and sweet with tomato chutney or fruit chutney 

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