Garam masala

Roasted and ground North Indian spice blend. Even though 'garam' means hot, this spice mix contains no chillies and therefore refers to the high intensity of the combined flavours. Use this spice mix to make an aromatic Rogan Josh or a lentil curry. Mix with yoghurt to create a flavoursome ratia.

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Sambar Masala

Roasted and ground South Indian spice blend. This spice mix is primarily used to create a south Indian lentil soups but it is very versatile and can be used to create a variety of curries and marinades.

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Sweet Masala

Roasted and ground sweet spice blend. Make the perfect masala chai (spiced tea) with this fragranced spice blend. Enjoy it in baking as well as in curry reparation.

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Devi Delights

  Beautifying gift pack from India. Pamper yourself with beautiful scented products from India such as incense, soaps and hair oil. The gift pack also includes a purifying eye – liner and bindis.
Masala Dosa House Blend Tea

Superior tea leaves from Darjeeling, Assam and Kenya.

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