vada (4 in a portion) – traditional south Indian lentil savoury doughnuts filled with chilli, ginger, coconut and coriander R49

mini masala dosa rice and lentil crêpe served with a mild potato curry, coconut chutney and sambar R49

Potato cheese dosa triangles of thin layers of potato curry and melted mozzarella rolled in a dosa. Served with tomato chutney R49

aloo bombs (4 in a portion) – potato, rice and coriander balls with melted mozzarella and chilli centre and coated with crispy crackles. Served with tomato chutney R52

aloo tikki (4 in a portion) – potato dumplings with roasted spices coated in a special batter and served with tomato chutney R46

chicken skewers (2 in a portion) - tender chicken fillet cubes in an aromatic batter R52

 sev puri (4 in a portion) – layers of Indian bread, curry filling, raita, coriander, salsa and crackles (crispy Indian snacks)
Choose from the following fillings: potato or chickpeas R52, chicken R55 or lamb R58  


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